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We have moorings, boat parking, and boat racks for smaller vessels. These are annually rented spaces. The convenience of having your boat ready to launch awaits. We have wash stations and a membership with a wealth of knowledge.


We have Sunset Fridays every Friday night. You can count on a friendly face and the best view. BYSC has two social committees your classic committee that keeps tradition and relationships fun and memorable. We also have the Knotley Crew which is our group that brings spontaneous and a change of energy. We also have our volunteer program that brings groups together and helps encourage healthy relationships as well as maintaining the respect and love of our facilities. This keeps anyone engaged. 

#3. Junior Programs

We are well diverse in the activities available to our youth. Our Summer Programs are the perfect introduction to the water in various ways such as kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, boating, and tubing. There are opportunities throughout the year to sail, such as the Spring and fall series, regattas here as well as travel. We have classes available for boater safety and swim lessons. We do have courts available for lessons in Pickleball as well as tennis. This community for youth helps build a healthy social life, learn new skills, and build confidence in a trusting environment.



This community allows you as a member to have reciprocity among many other yacht clubs nationwide. This will allow you to enjoy dining and participating in other clubs. 

#4. Amenities

Bocce Court, /tennis Courts, Pickleball courts, Swimming pool, kiddy pool, pool pavilion, sailboats, kayaks, paddleboards, boat launch, dock with pavilion, Playground with pavilion, charming clubhouse, screened-in porch, open deck overlooking the Beaufort River (intercoastal waterway). We have a prep kitchen and allow you to make yourself at home. 

#5. Fellowship

The Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club is one big Family. We have a rich history that gives you a sense of pride that makes you want to belong.

The hospitality and sunsets pull you in, and then the relationships hook you, and before you know it, you fit right in.


How much does membership cost? Please see "Become a member."

Do you have to be a member to rent the facilities? No, you do need a member-sponsor.

Can a member have a guest: Yes, three times a month, members must be present at all times.

How can a member reserve the facilities? Contact Kelly Lesesne ext. 105

How to rent the facilities? Please click on the "Facility rental tab"

How are the boats maintained: You maintain your own boat. 

Does the club host regattas: Yes, we have at least four a year, Sainta Elaina, The Water Festival, the Lowcountry Regatta, and the Pluff Mud Junior Regatta.

Does BYSC offer instruction:

Sailing: Noah Kipar:

Pickleball: David Riedmayer: 

Swim: Kelly Lesesne

Tennis: you're welcome to bring a guest instructor

Bocce: John Barber

Ladies sailing: Sue Hamelton

Who is on Staff: 

General Manager:

Paul Kowalski

Office Manager:

Mina Cao-Bonifaz

Member services manager:

co-director of Summer Camp

Kelly Lesesne


Chuck Staufer 

Stanley Dobbs  

Sailing Director of BCSB:

Noah Kipar 

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